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Thermometer_ET-100B    Thermometer_ET-100B    
Item ID: 041-0011
Item Name: Thermometer_ET-100B
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Mobel : ET-100B

  • InfraRed Digital Ear Thermometer Baby Child Adult

    This ear thermometer is a device capable of achieving infrared temperature measurement when placed in the auditory canal. Temperature in the ear reflects accurately the temperature of the inner body, and is a very safe way of measuring human body temperature.

    The thermometer is very accurate and easy to operate, with full detailed instructions, and a measurement takes no more than one second. Any further measurements can be taken at 12 second intervals to ensure accuracy.

    The major benefit of this thermometer is the probe, which does not require separate probe covers.  Other thermometers available require probe covers, and will therefore cost more in the long run, as additional covers need to be purchased.  The probe can be simply wiped clean using an alcohol swab or a sterilising wipe.



    Range of Displayed Temperature: 34oC~44oC (93.2oF ~ 111.2oF)

    Displayed LoC when the temperature is under 34oC (93.2oF)

    Displayed HoF when the temperature is over 44oC (111.2oF)

    Operating Ambient: Temperature 16oC~35oC (60.8oF ~95.0oF)

                                    Humidity ≤ 80% of relative humidity

    Storage & Transport Condition: Temperature -10oC to 55oC (14oF to 131oF)

    Humidity 30% to 90% of relative humidity, Display temperature range: 0.1oC (0.1oF)

    Accuracy: ± 0.2oC (from 35.5oC to 42.0oC)

                    ± 0.4oF (from 96.0oF to 107.6oF)

    Display: Liquid crystal display, 4 digits

    Temperature Value: display the maximum temperature in measuring process

    Temperature Unit: Centigrade or fahrenheit

    Display of Memory: Last 10 memories

    Power Consumption: 0.5 milliwatts during measurement

    Battery: 3V Lithium battery (CR 2032) - Included, approximately 2500 readings, auto shut off after 1 minute if no measurement taken

    Dimensions & Weight: 110mm x 35mm x 35mm, 80g

    Beeper Sound: On/off, after measurement has been taken and low voltage warning


    Cleaning and Storage

    The thermometer should be kept in the protective case, in a dry location free from dust and contamination, and away from direct sunlight.  The ambient temperature of the storage location should remain fairly constant and within the range of -10oC to 55oC.

    Use an alcohol swab or sterilising wipe to clean the thermometer casing and the measuring probe.  Ensure that no liquid enters the interior of the thermometer.

    Never use abrasive cleaning agents or thinners for cleaning, and never immerse the thermometer in water or other cleaning liquids.  Take care not to scratch the surface of the probe lens.



    Before measuring ensure that the thermometer has been stabilised at the ambient temperature for at least 30 minutes.  If the thermometer has been stored as detailed in the cleaning and storage section then measurements can be taken immediately.

    Ensure that your ear canal is clear, otherwise the measurement may be inaccurate.

    A measurement can only be taken when the ear symbol is in the display, which is approximately 12 seconds between measurements.

    The thermometer should not be used if your ear canal has been inflamed.

    Before using for the first time, please ensure that the tab is removed from the battery compartment.

    The item provide a mail tracking number.

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