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  All Products  »  Radio / walkie talkie  » walkie talkie  » Alinco DJ-G7 E Tri-bander 2m/70cms/23cms handheld new
Alinco DJ-G7 E Tri-bander 2m/70cms/23cms handheld new
Alinco DJ-G7 E Tri-bander 2m/70cms/23cms handheld new   Alinco DJ-G7 E Tri-bander 2m/70cms/23cms handheld new   Alinco DJ-G7 E Tri-bander 2m/70cms/23cms handheld new   
Item ID: DJ-G7 E (special offer)
Item Name: Alinco DJ-G7 E Tri-bander 2m/70cms/23cms handheld new
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Alinco DJ-G7 E Tri-bander 2m/70cms/23cms handheld              

Alinco DJ-G7 Tri-bander 2m/70cms/23cms handheld transceiver

Alinco DJ-G7. a brand new tri-band 2m/70cms/23cms handheld with full duplex........The new DJ-G7 from Alinco that meets the needs of the most demanding amateur operators.

 Incredible features and Alinco is tradition of user-friendliness combine to create one amazing handheld transceiver. The DJ-G7 brings full duplex operation across any two of this feature packed tri-bander s bands to offer a communications experience you have only dreamed about. Housed in a rugged, compact body, this rig is tough, easy to use and ready for action.

     Alinco DJ G7

  • 3 band handheld transceiver 2m/70cms/23cms
  • Simultaneous full duplex operation of any two bands 144MHz, 430MHz, 1200MHz
  • Internal VOX
  • Large LCD full dot matrix screen with easy to see and understand display
  • Polycarbonate body ergonomically designed to fit the palm of your hand.
  • Die-cast chassis for rugability and to keep the RF-PA cool.
  • Twin "user assignable" controls with easy to use knobs for adjusting AF output and Squelch levels.
  • 39 CTCSS and 104 DCS encode/decode. Tone scan to detect unknown tones.
  • DTMF Auto-dialer for autopatch access. Up to 16 characters per group in 9 groups.
  • SMA antenna port for external antenna use.
  • Auto Power-Off, Bell, End-beep, Battery Save function, BCLO and more
  • Newly designed EBC-23 Swing belt clip
  • High-Capacity EBP-73 Li-ion 1200mAh battery and Drop-In charger are standard.
  • External DC power port supports 13.8V DC for mobile operation.
  • Auto-repeater* and conventional repeater operation * For USA repeater system
  • 1000 Memory Channels with programmable memory banks
  • Frequency ranges - tx/rx 144.000 -145.995  / 430.000-439.000  /  1240.00-1299.95
  • Super wide rx - 0.530 - 1299.95Mhz
  • AM mode for airband receive
  • Wide FM for broadcast band  
  • Antenna impedance 50 ohms  SMA fitting
  • Supply voltage DC7.4v (EBP-73 Li-Ion battery pack)
  • Supply voltage DC 4.5v - 16 volts (external regulated source)
  • Ground - Negative ground
  • Size WHD ex projections, 60 x 115 x 30mm
  • Weight approx 296g
  • Transmitter output - 144/433Mhz 5/2/1/0.3w, 1200Mhz 1/0.3w
  • Modulation modes - TX: F1D/F2D/F3E  (RX only WFM/AM)
  • Condition brand new

DJ-G7E Specifications


Receive Frequency 530 kHz to 1299.995 MHz
Transmit Frequency 136-174, 400-470 and 1240-1299.995 MHz
Frequency Stability ± 2.5 ppm (-10° to +60°C.)
Antenna Impedance 50 ohm unbalanced
Supply Voltage DC 13.8V rated (4.5 min to 16V max)
Ground Negative Ground
Transmit Current Consumption (@13 VDC) 1.6 Amps (144), 1.8 Amps (440), 0.8 Amps (1200)
Receive Current Consumption  (@13 VDC)    200 mA (56 ma battery save)
Operating Temperature Range -10° to +60°C.
Dimensions (w/o projection) 2.36 x 4.53 x 1.18 inches (60x115x30 mm)
Output power 13.8 VDC   144 MHz 5/2/1/0.3 watts
Output power 13.8 VDC   440 MHz 5/2/1/0.3 watts
Output power 13.8 VDC 1200 MHz 1/0.3 watts
Output power EBP-73   144 MHz 5.0/2/0.8/0.3 watts
Output power EBP-73   440 MHz 4.5/2/0.8/0.3 watts
Output power EBP-73 1200 MHz 1/0.3 watts
Modulation Variable reactance
Maximum Deviation ± 5 kHz
Spurious Emission less than -60db
Circuit Double conversion superheterodyne (single for WFM)
1st IF Frequency 51.65 MHz
2nd IF Frequency 450 kHz
Sensitivity 12db SINAD 2m/440 FM better than -15dbu
Selectivity except WFM more than 12 kHz -6db
Image/spurious response <-60db
AF out at 10% distort. 13.8V Max 400 mW
AF impedance 8 ohms
Specifications are subject to change without notice.   


  • 1x Alinco DJ-G7 E  Tri-bander Radio
  • 1x 7.4v 1200mah Li-ion Battery Pack.
  • 1x Antenna.
  • 1x Belt Clip.
  • 1x ENG Manual
  • 1x EDC-173 Desktop Charger  with AC ADAPTOR EDC151  (100-240V) 

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